Our service provides solutions for Prevention, Care, Surveillance, and Partner Service needs in Communicable Disease Management.

The leaders in our team draw on Development and Support of Communicable Disease Management Systems.

RADCUBE Highlights

Communicable Disease Management Platform

We manage the Communicable Disease Management Platform, a compilation of more than 10-11 multiple disparate systems having high cost of serving a client, linkage challenges, lack of quality in service, incomplete and inconsistent Data Reporting.  Each of the systems is connected, providing unique tools and data to help manage patient tracking and re-engagement.

The system includes


HIV Testing &

Our platform helps to capture HIV Testing data and testing sites information as required by CDC. Collects Protected Health Information (PHI) data and is available only to internal (DOH) users.

HIV Provider/Facility Search

Our platform allows State residents to search and locate HIV Testing sites, PrEP/PEP providers within their area or county. Web Application with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security over internet. Application is fully ADA Compliant.


Patient tracking & Re-Engagement
Our platform uses HIV surveillance data to identify persons living with HIV (PLWH) who have never received medical care or need to be re-engaged in medical care. Improves linkage and retention to care percentage across the state. Better serves people living with HIV (PLWH), especially racial/ethnic minorities. Captures data to care activities, linkage to care, and Case Conferencing activities by Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) or Linkage specialist for newly diagnosed and out of care HIV positive clients in the state.


Care Monitoring
Our platform generates RSR reports for providers to submit to HRSA annually. Track services funded by Ryan White Part B, MAI, Patient Care Network, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) and General Revenue. Collects client level data and stores PHI data encrypted at rest.
Budget Allocation & Expenditure Management
Our platform allows contracted providers to submit expenditure data and monitor their budget allocations. Collects aggregate data and is available for internal and external users.


Disease Intervention Specialist/Case Worker

Identify, locate and counsel partners who have been in contact with the client.  Connects the client to the care and stop the spreading of the infection.  Integrates with existing contact tracing application.



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